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The Cloud Cruiser is a cutting edge aircraft with game changing capabilities.

Cloud Cruise airships use a combination of proven aerospace technologies from a mixture of airships, fixed-wing aircraft, and helicopters to provide a more eco-friendly transportation option. We invite you to come spend a few nights with us, on a journey that promises to be unforgettable.


Reimagine your travel experience.

Say goodbye to the waiting and grime that comes with traditional airport visits. Instead, you will meet in an open field or space with a quick security check before no-stress boarding on the Cloud Cruise. Check out what an average trip schedule looks like below.

Cloud Cruiser Layout

Max occupation of the Cloud Cruise is around forty people, so there a guarantee that there will be little-to-no lines. No more lost baggage, your things will be with you in your cabin. Say goodbye to 'airplane food' because our meals will be made fresh and special ordered for meal restrictions.


We reinvented in-flight entertainment.

In-flight entertainment usually consists of films and tv shows, aimed to kill the time spent in the sky. On Cloud Cruises, we wanted an in-flight entertainment system that would enhance our passenger's time in the sky. Our entertainment system aims to engage passengers with the passing views, to highlight our spectacular planet, and to tell the unheard stories of the wilderness. Passengers are able to use they're hands to point out any window to hear musical feedback, podcasts, song and stories related to the views they see.

Demo this experience online!

Here you can get a little sneak peak at what this experience will be like. Use your mouse to explore the views and hear the stories of the land! If the screen appears to be frozen, retry the button. Best experienced with headphones.


The Safest airborne VEHICLE.

Safety is our highest priority.

The airship is IFR day/night capable and able to fly in all weathers. Unlike fixed-wing aircraft that have cross-winds limits, airships simply turn into the prevailing wind for take-off and landing in up to 30 knots in any direction.

Like any other commercial aircraft, Cloud Cruises will be type certified and capable of flying in a wide range of weather conditions. The aircraft can safely take off and land in up to 30 knots of wind. Unlike other large aircraft, an airship is not cross-wind restricted, as it can simply turn into the wind and take off in any direction. The aircraft will also be capable of withstanding lightning strikes and icing conditions. This is a requirement for all type certified commercial aircraft.

Cloud Cruise is designed and manufactured to the same standards of safety as every other aircraft. Cloud Cruises have an EASA type certificate, and are approved by EASA to design and build aircraft. Equally, in operation, its operators will be subject to the same regulations as apply to other aircraft. Cloud Cruise’s hull and low flight speed also make it a low-vibration and low-G aircraft, which improves reliability. The aircraft also has features that make it inherently safer than other aircraft. This is particularly true in comparison to helicopters, as it is not reliant on any single engine.

That’s right, Cloud Cruises don’t need runways to take off, they simiply float. Passengers are notified of the tak-off location when they pruchase their ticket. Shuttles are avaliable for pick-up and drop-off within 15 mi of the take-off location. We will be performing a quick security check everytime passengers get on-board to ensure the safety of everyone on board.

our ENVIRONMENTal impact.

The Climate Crisis.

We’ve committed to zero-carbon. We’ve partnered to develop electric engines. We’ve investigated novel materials and technologies. We’ve built a development pathway that leads to zero-carbon flight without compromising capability. Cloud Cruise’s unique characteristics make it the perfect platform to achieve these goals.

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